3 01 2013


It was way below zero last night, thank goodness there was no wind, that would have been worse.  I awoke this morning to a semi warm house no different than usual but found that one of the cold water pipes in the  kitchen had frozen and my washer wasn’t working right.  It was filling up with water just didn’t want to go through a cycle.  I couldn’t open the barn door and the water coming  into the barn is frozen.

There is one cat that isn’t bothered by winter…….SHORTY


This was taken last night.

Winter isn’t the time to talk to me about owning an old house.  Any other time of the year I will tell you how much I love it but in the winter, I am always threatening to the heavens to sell this place.  I thought I had settled the water problem upstairs in the barn but twice in the last week I have had to carry 10 buckets up the stairs to fill the sheep’s water.  I will have to find a solution to that.  The frozen pipes thawed out slowly when I removed the contents of the cabinet and got the wood stove going.  I finally got the barn door opened late this afternoon and the washer is going again.   The sheep are outside and prefer to eat snow instead of drinking water and there is still enough water in the bucket to last till tomorrow when I was told it will be in the 30’s so water may move freely then.



I have been cleaning out the yarn and wool room getting the looms out and came across this box.  Its is full of quilt tops and a  old quilt that my Grandmother made.  She was a seamstress, made and sold men shirts in the 20’s and 30’s.  I have a couple of jars of her old buttons too.  I will eventually get the tops made into quilts  and somehow clean the old quilt and repair it.  Also inside the box was my Uncle Roger’s army hat with his name stamped in it.  Finding these treasures brings back so many good memories.




Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you have a wonderful day.  Carole



4 responses

3 01 2013
Mary Jane

Same thing here, went to walk Cubby in -3° temp and he was quite surprised at how much faster than usual I walked… and have been feeding the fire and carrying in more wood all day.
Stay warm!

3 01 2013

Shorty and Merlin are like minded creatures. How lucky for them that they have “servants” to build the fire and to keep it going. Sorry to hear about your pipes. This weather is no fun at all…but warmer tomorrow. Lets hope. Take care, Patti

3 01 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Oh how horrible! Are your pipes attached to an outside wall? Mine are, and the house was built in the 40s. Usually insulating the pipes work rather well. They sell the insulating tubes for just a buck or two for two good lengths. Our pipes froze one morning a couple years back when I was still working. I had to take a cold shower and go to work freezing 😦 my husband brought our fire pit up to that back wall outside and the pipes thawed. Since then, we have installed central air/heat and the ductwork runs along that wall and not a problem since. We still let the faucets drip at night and crack the sink cabinets open. Just never want to be caught off guard again!

7 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Every so often, I sit down with a pot of tea and have a most enjoyable half hour or so perusing your wonderfully inspiring blogs…today is one of those lovely days…thank you!

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