31 01 2013


A great picture of the boys, Shorty, Sam and Willie enjoying the warmth by the pellet stove.


Shorty had a hard time coming home.  Wandering around the house crying and then wanting to be picked up.  He hasn’t been to the vets only for check-ups so that may be the answer.  He is sleeping a lot today but is much better than last night.





I started these rugs in the late 80’s and never finished them.  It is locker hooking with roving.  I have everything to finish them and want to get it done.  I have made many locker hooked rugs and they are scattered around the house.   I have included some pictures of a few of them.  They are thick and soft rugs,  just the kind of rug you want to put your feet on first thing on a winters morn.


The above rug was from all natural dyed and natural colored rovings.  The blue is actually indigo.

I enjoyed doing this small one, but as you can see I ran out of the white roving and had to use another white one which is a different shade of white.


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30 01 2013


Crafts of Colrain

The first meeting of the year was held  last night for the Crafts of Colrain.  There was a good crowd and work will begin on the tour.  New people were there and showed their wares and will be added to the tour.  Even though its 11 months till the tour things need to be done at this early date.  This year I hope to have some willow baskets from my own willow. 



After a restless night of not having the freedom of the house and food Shorty and I drove down to the Brookside Animal Hospital this morning.  The roads were well sanded  but there were icy spots.

Shorty had a few teeth removed and  tartar removed on the others and some blood work and a check for diabetes and he is happily at home.  Even though he was only gone for the day the other cats missed him and so did I.  



Today there are glimpses  of spring everywhere.  From the birds at the feeders to the apple orchards and the warmer weather.  A sure sign is the man who comes to trim the apple trees each year at the local apple orchards.


  It’s a lone man who works about a month in the orchards trimming the branches to insure the best crop.  When he is gone my pussy willows are usually in bloom and spring is around the corner.

Their is a bluish tinge to the ice from the minerals within.


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole


28 01 2013


A lone Snowbird eating a sunflower seed.

P1020207This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs on permaculture from Ireland.  She is always on the mark about how global warming is going.   She is always urging people to plant more food, more bushes and trees.  Today and since this bitter cold snap came through Robins have been in my crabapple tree.  Those poor little mites get confused when we have temps in January are near 50 for a few days, then they fly up here and its below zero.  I have put lots of food out for them and there are places for them to get shelter from the blistering winds, but its a gentle reminder to me how things are going.  We all need to do our part in keeping this planet going.  Buying local, using what we have and providing food and shelter for our fellow creatures.


As I have told you before its hard for me to throw away any part of my Sheep fleeces.  From Colette I have learned where to put the worst part to help my apple trees grow.  I usually spin all of the fleece and there are some parts of it that are very rough.  I have been going through the boxes of handspun and have used up a lot of the scratchy yarn in the rug I am doing.  When I am finished it will be a work of art but hold many memories  for me.  I spun up some gold wool that I bought from Kerry Woolen Mill, there is a little bit from every sheep that I have ever owned in that rug and of course the coarse wool from Elliott.  The rug should stand the test of time.  Other rugs hold bits and pieces of my Dad’s, Uncle’s and Grandfather’s ties, my Mom’s skirt from her late teen years.  Old woolen skirts, shirts , and scarves from my youth .  A skirt picked up at Frenchies in Nova Scotia when I took the class from Deanne.  And many thrift shop finds.  This doesn’t mean that I  don’t buy woolen cloth when I need to, but lots of what goes into my rugs  have meaning to me.  I am hoping to sew a cloth description of things that went into the rug on every rug I make,  so that when I am not here my family will know what has gone into them.

P1020209I hope the 2013 looks better when everything else is filled in.


I just finished my grocery shopping in time, the snow is falling at a pretty good pace.  I am home before the roads get bad and have all stoves started up.  The lower valley’s are supposed to get sleet tonight but  we may get more snow.  Its suppose to be warmer tomorrow.


The mountain on the other side of the valley is hardly visible.

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28 01 2013

Gagetown Hookers

After much searching I did find a gallery in Canada that had one of the Gagetown Hookers rugs for sale.  I sent her an e-mail to see if I can post the picture.  The rug is their family farm and is priced at around $300. 

I have found that some of the best hooked rugs have come from Canada.  Scenes of people lives.  I do love them.  More and more are surfacing now that rug hooking has a resurgence.

The temps are inching up, but it’s still bone-chilling as far as I am concerned.  Looking forward to the 30’s.


It looks like my Mom’s house in Florida has sold again and this deal may go through.  It has been a long ordeal and it will be nice not to worry about that.  


Yesterday I spun a lot of odds and ends and dyed some yarn to finish the rug.   I will be glad when its done as I am ready to work on something else.   The Elliott yarn in the pot looks like candy.  It came out a nice purple and I will use that for my initials and the date.













With bone chilling temps a squirrel still has to eat and play.  When I lived in Holyoke there were squirrels everywhere.  Here in Colrain there are very few.  We have a small family of them that live in the woods behind the house.  They have an  elaborate nest in one of the trees.  It was difficult taking this picture as when I opened the door the screen door frosted and froze up.  Warmer weather is on its way.

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25 01 2013


After the coldest night so far, with temps way below zero and winds the hens surprised me by laying these eggs.  Today is a little warmer so no eggs froze.


The Gagetown Hookers

Larry E. Dubord I

I recently found this book amongst some hooking things.  I had purchased it some time ago and there it sat.   The author is an auctioneer and antiques dealer in Maine.   I am so glad that this small book was written otherwise all this history would have been lost.


Lydia and Raymond Scott lived in Gagetown, NB, Canada.  This book was written in 1988 when the Scotts were in the 80’s and still alive.  The book is full of pictures of their primitive work.  They once had a pig farm so there are many rug depicting happy, fat pigs.  In early years there rugs were made from whatever was available to them, cottons, polyester, wool and in later years their rugs were all of wool.

Attempts to contact Larry Dubord for permission to post some pictures of the rugs were in vain, but I will still attempt to contact him.

The story he told of the Scott’s was very interesting, they both worked on the rugs together. 

There is not much information about them or the author on the internet but I have found some other interesting sites while looking for them.  This book is out of print but can probably be bought online somewhere, maybe through a Canadian source.


This pillow is well-worn as you can see, used by myself and the cats it has changed shape considerable since it was made.


At one of the spinning groups that I used to belong to we were give an amount of wool and asked to spin it and make something with it.  This is what I came up with.  The colors weren’t colors that I would use like the blue and black for the windows, but the roof color was excellent.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thank for reading my blog.       Carole


25 01 2013

Good Day to you

Well I think last night was the coldest of the year.  No frozen pipe noted.  The water faucet in the barn is frozen open but it was well-drained so should open later this afternoon with some heated towels. Francis who is around 8 years old laid an egg earlier this morning and it was frozen and split.  Amelia laid hers later and it was fine.  Living in New England these things are to be expected.



I made the stir fry today and it was too salty for me.  I thought I bought low sodium soy sauce but it wasn’t..  I would dilute it with water, maybe 1/2 and 1/2.  Other wise it was good.






I tried to upload the picture of the finished plate but couldn’t, it said try later!!!!!  I will put it in tomorrow if I can.

More Cold tonight, Its suppose to get down to 10 below zero and there will be wind so the chill temp could be 20 or 30 below.  The sheep seem to be doing well and the chickens too.  Warmer weather coming next week when Monday it will be in the 40’s.  No wonder everyone is sick.

Many thanks for reading my blog hope you have a wonderful day.




24 01 2013



It’s still  around 10 degrees and no chance of warming, it will be below zero again tonight.  At this point there is no wind so that will help.  I was very lucky, no pipes frozen this morning.  I have the pellet stove going and am starting the wood stove.  I have been out delivering eggs to my old work place and errands.  Just jumping in and out of the car made it hard to stay warm.  I have hay to get in the barn, the boys brought it over earlier.  I am going to wait till right before I feed them to throw it over the fence and put it away.  I am so lucky to have the heated buckets for the sheep.  Sadie’s is not heated though and was totally frozen this morning.   All the chickens waterers were frozen too.    Just a night or two more of this.

More footprints in the snow.


The invisible rabbit is back.  Someday I hope I am lucky enough to see him or her.

Make Your Own Convenience Foods

I bought this wonderful and useful book  as a birthday present to myself in Oct. 1980.  It was written by Don and Joan German.  Anyone who wants to get away from convenience foods and make your own will find this book a great addition to your library.  I am sure that you can find it either on Amazon or e-bay.  In this book you will find out how to make American Cheese, sour dough starter, wine.


I was looking for this book this morning because on the front and back  pages of this book I had put  recipe’s  that I liked .   Tomorrow I am making stir fry, I have lots of veggies to cut up and want to marinate them.  The following recipe is a great marinating mix.  

Teriyaki Marinade

1 clove garlic, crushed (I love garlic and use 2)

8 black peppercorns crushed

1/8 tsp ground ginger

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1/4 cup peanut oil

1 cup light soy sauce

Mix well and add all the sliced veggies to this mix and cover and let sit for 2-3 hours, more is better.  I would suggest if you are adding meat to this do it separately. Refrigerate.  Stir fry as usual.

I usually taste the marinate and if it’s too salty I will add water to it.

I will have pictures of the process and finished product in tomorrows blog.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole