28 12 2012










The snow is beautiful this morning.  My son did all the plowing and shoveling, which is wonderful.  I have a few areas that I would like to do this afternoon.  I love having the 4 seasons.  Of course by March I am sick of winter.  To me its a peaceful season, a time for quiet reflection, no outside chores so I can concentrate on things that I want to do inside.  Finishing up some of my projects, and reading books are things that happen mostly in the winter.

Sadie stayed in

Sadie stayed in



















Some more pictures from yesterday.










I am spinning the roving bulky.










I started this in the spring.  I have lots of roving from Elliott and want to get some of it used up in a rug.  The spun yarn is very durable and will stand up to years of punishment.  I am trying to use up handspun yarn,  I can see now that it will be a rest of my life task, but this rug will make a dent in it.

I am hoping that you have a wonderful day.  We are expecting more snow tomorrow!!!!!!   Thank you for reading my blog.                                             Carole



2 responses

28 12 2012
Mary Jane

The rug looks good, and also looks big! Like the colors…

28 12 2012
Kellie from Indiana

I love the pictures of the sheep! Absolutely love them. For Christmas I received 6 skeins of alpaca wool yarn from my father in law and I was stunned. You are so lucky to not only have the wool but a relationship with the animal. Hope your Christmas was a good one! Nice start on your rug!

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