27 12 2012


The snow has already started and we are supposed to get at least 6 inches then some sleet and freezing rain.  Tomorrow will be quite messy.   I am so glad that I don’t have to even think about going to work.  We are ready for the snow, My son put the plow on the ATV and the sheep are snug in the barn.  I picked up a supply of carrots and cabbages at Atkins so they are all set. 

As the wood stove dies out Shorty is getting the last bit of warmth from it and Willie is out like a light in front of the pellet stove.










Lil and her Rocking Horse







Lil takes her first ride on her rocking horse with Dad.




Betty’s horses

While I was in Belchertown I stopped at my youngest daughter Betty’s house.    She is a horse lover and has a few horses and a very large dog.







Beamer is on the right.  He is a Morgan.   I was horse crazy as a child, that was the only thing I wanted every Christmas,a horse.  I got my wish in my mid 40’s when Betty and I got Amanda.  Betty was working then at Mt. Holyoke college and heard that a Morgan school horse was being retired.  Unfortunately Amanda overheard that she was going to be retired and took it quite seriously.  She really didn’t want to be ridden again.  We loved her anyway and she lived out her life on the farm.  She loved peppermint candies and would get all excited if she heard the rusle of the plastic wrapping.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole








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28 12 2012
Bealtaine Cottage

How beautiful! The horses look so cosy!

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