21 12 2012


Today we got lots of rain on top of an inch or two of snow.  It was warmish outside by the day’s end.   I have the pellet stove and wood stove going as it is damp inside the house.










Someone gave me this yarn in the late 80’s early 90’s.  I always thought I would weave it into rugs.  I always had these thoughts while trying to hold down the farm and work full-time and take care of elderly parents.  Now I know better, I probably won’t weave on my looms again, so this spring I will sell them all.  It will be sad to see them go but they take up space and if I haven’t used them in the 14 years that I have been her I won’t be using them again.

Someone handspun this bulky yarn.  Some of it is almost an inch thick.  I came across the bin while cleaning up the yarn and wool room.  I have decided to crochet simple rugs with it.    This one I started last night and finished it this morning.









I have been quite upset by the murders at Newtown, and have been trying to figure out how to make a difference.  I don’t want to take away people’s 2nd Amendment rights but want some sort of gun control.  I am certainly not a fan of the NRA.  I want to see background checks at gun shows.  I was surprised that wasn’t being done.  Today I found a site on the internet where one could go and see just who supports the NRA in various ways.  I was surprised that the hotels and car rental agencies that I use give NRA members discounts!  So I spent maybe 10 minutes of the day sending these companies comments  about their activity stating that I would not do business with them as long as they continue this practice.  I am only one person but many others have made these comments,   Every day I will continue this effort.  We all need to get together so that this never happens again.    www.AVAAZ.org is the site.

I also thing that we need to change the mental health system.  There needs to be places for people to go that are a danger to society.


I have these old lilac bushes in the back of the house.  The are white double lilacs and were planted more than 30 years ago.  They are beautiful in the spring.  The smell makes its way into Oliver’s rooms.








Because they are so old and have grown so tall I am going to get advise as to how to trim them correctly.  One of them had ice damage a few years ago and made me realize that I could loose them.  I have planted some purple lilacs near them and a dark purple one in the front area of the house.  Lilacs are my favorite flower and I always have bouquets of them all over the house.


Thanks so much for reading my blog and I hope  you have a wonderful day.








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21 12 2012

Carole, I had some old purple lilacs that hadn’t been pruned etc and I just cut them back. I also transplanted a few ” babies” just in case. It took a few years but they came back fine. I am not sure if white ones are the same or not. Good luck, I also love lilacs. And good on you for writing to those companies. I think we would all be shocked about a lot of companies. We need to make them more accountable. Happy Solstice! Patti

27 12 2012
An Older Woman

Hello Carole: I don’t know if we’ve met, but the picture on the top of your blog looks so familiar. And you are a rug hooker! And now that I’ve reached this post after reading so many of your other interesting posts, I have to comment on the gun control and Newtown tragedy.

I couldn’t agree with you more. If only everyone would take the time and effort to write to these companies like you have (and which I will certainly do) perhaps we can in some miniscule way make a change. How can gun manufacturers and those who support them hear us if we do not speak? My personal opinion about the 2nd Amendment is that it should be amended. We got rid of slavery; now let’s get rid of guns. We could be like other countries and have only rifles for hunting, but ban all other guns like handguns and most certainly military-style weaponry. I am way LEFT on this issue and wouldn’t keep a gun in my home if someone paid me to do so.

My sadness for Newtown joins my sadness for all those around the world who have endured the loss of a loved one by violence (in whatever form). I have no answers, only questions, and wonder how this will eventually turn out. It seems to be only getting worse.

Your blogs are a great salve for all this heartbreak. You are a very good writer. And I will not be surprised if you say we have corresponded before. I have a mind like a sieve these days because I am too busy. But not too busy to keep reading your blog and I have just subscribed. Patsye

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