16 12 2012



I finished the quilt today, I like the way it came out.  I think Oliver will probably use it.












Some years ago I saw this draft dodger make out of a print of cats.  I looked and looked for that print and never found it.   The only thing I could find was individual cats that you would stuff.  I bought the fabric and cut it out and made an attempt to make the dodger and ended up putting it away.   I found it yesterday and the kitchen door really needs something  on the bottom to keep the cold air from coming in.  The door is the original door on the house so I really don’t want to replace it.

This is as far as I got today and hopefully tomorrow I can finish it.  I had saved a plastic bag which was long and thin to put the sand in.  You really need something heavy to keep it in place.  I got sandbox sand last summer.  I was able to sew one end of the bag and I fill it and will sew the other end when I have most of the sewing done.  The rest of the cats will be filled with wool.  It won’t be like the one I saw but it will do the job.   I have another one that is made with some fabric that I love.  That one was a lot easier to make and all I have to do is fill another bag of sand and stuff and sew the ends.  










I am thinking of making some smaller ones maybe out of quilt squares for some of my windows (where the sash meets the sill)  The windows are original to the house.  I have combination storms and screens on almost all my windows and would love someday to have new windows.  The cost for each window installed is around $800.  That will have to wait.


David and the boys went out  to a tree farm and got a tree today.  I haven’t had a real tree in many years.  It’s a beautiful tree and quite local.  Tonight was decorating night and Lil stayed awake for it.

Bad weather is coming tomorrow, sleet, snow and maybe some rain.  The annual ATHA Rug Hooking Pot Luck was canceled.  Members live far and wide and when its raining in Amherst it probably would be snowing here.  It’s reschedled for January.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.                           Carole





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