13 12 2012


I plyed the Targhee yarn today.  I had forgotten how tightly you have to ply it and how springy it is.  I have decided to make a hat with it.  It’s such a soft yarn its the perfect thing to make.



















There are two nest boxes in the area Mrs. Brown lives in ,this morning she kept flying from one to the other just couldn’t make up here mind where to lay her egg.    Amelia the chicken who just got her feathers back is laying again so everything is good for her.


The pot on the stove holds water and today I put some lemongrass oil in it.    If I feel a cold coming on I will use eucalyptus .The whole house smells of it.   I have a basket of Turf or Peat that I have brought back from Ireland .   I absolutely love the smell of it..

I had to vacuum the attic today where the stove-pipe goes through.  There are spider webs all over .  I do this every fall before starting the stove.  The stove pipes are clean and tonight the temps are supposed to go into the teens.  I would like this year to be the year without frozen pipes so I will have the stove on every afternoon till I go to bed.    With the ceiling fan that my son just put in it makes that room cozy.  The kitchen is built over a crawl space, I say crawl space but you have to be a kid to crawl into it.  I think at one time part of the kictchen was a wood shed.



Oliver is doing better every day, his appetite is great and he isn’t hiding every time I come into the room.  He will never be a sit on your lap cat but maybe someday he will be not so afraid of me.

He does love his fancy feast!!

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.   Carole



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13 12 2012

I love the colors in that green yarn! And I am very glad Oliver is. Doing better. It must have been so traumatic for him..and for you. Hopefully he will settle back in quickly. I also think a winter without frozen pipes would be good for you. Wishing you good luck with that. I need to try some herbs in my kettle on the stove for sure! It must smell wonderful! Take good care, Patti

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