7 12 2012



Yesterday and last night there was a wind blowing.  I like the sound of the wind but not 50 mile per hour winds.  Especially in the winter we will have winds howling down the mountain in back.  The snow will  be whirling and twirling and I will be cozy in my house.  Keeping this old house cozy is no easy job.  I have a wood stove in the kitchen, a pellet stove in the dining room and an oil furnace in the basement.  Someday I would like to eliminate the oil furnace.  The wood and pellets are local.  











I have finished the Santa rug.  I barely had enough of the purple-blues to finish it and had to dye another piece.  I did hand sew the edges and filled it with bay leaves to help prevent moths.  Tonight I will sew a backing on it  and hang it..


My wild cat Oliver is going to the vets tomorrow.   He is a solitary cat who is afraid of everything.  I can’t catch him and rarely can touch him.  At Brookside Animal Hospital in Greenfield they are sensitive to his needs.  I know he is having some problems and will be glad to have him seen.  Its surprising to me that he is like that as I still have two of his brothers and they just love to be handled(Shorty and Angus).  Although he has another brother that is very similar to himself  living with my friend Charlie. 







I wanted to show you a picture of Lenny’s yarn.  I really need to make some mittens of fingerless gloves  out of this yarn soon.  I  thought that it said 1949 but it says 1947 and it tells the yardage and the knots in each skein.








We are still looking for a few more vendors.  If you are interested in doing a fiber show in April please e-mail me.   It will be our first show at the Roundhouse at the Greenfield Fairgrounds.   The spot is unique and we are very excited to be able to hold this fiber event there.  So far we have rug hooking vendors, lots of yarns and wearable.  All kinds of fiber and a fleece sale.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful evening.       Carole



2 responses

7 12 2012
Mary Jane

The Santa rug came out great, it’s really cute!
Good luck with Oliver at the vet’s…

7 12 2012

You finished the Santa rug already?! Amazing! It came out really nice.
Lenny’s yarn is stunning!

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