5 12 2012



I had a helper last night, any excuse to get on the forbidden table!  Shorty is always interested in everything I do.

Here is a picture of the pineapple finished.  I forgot to add where I saw this pineapple and who made it.  This was in the magazine “A Simple Life” winter 2013 issue.  A wonderful magazine about the simpler things in life and where to find them and how to make them.  Kris Casucci of Walker Homestead in Brookfield, Massachusetts did the Pineapple.    The Walker Homestead is a place where I hope to visit this coming year.  Full of wonderful primitive things.    Check out their website.



I have made these swags for years.  I have made them with dried oranges but it certainly is easier to just do the cranberries and bay leaves.  You can purchase bulk bay leaves online and you will find how much of a mark-up there is in grocery stores.  It was pretty shocking to me.  Taught me a lesson about buying hers in bulk to save money.  ATTAR HERBS AND SPICES is a good place to buy in bulk.  They are  in New Hampshire.



You will need some strong thread.  I use carpet thread.  Fresh cranberries and dried  bay leaves.  You could use rose hips instead of the cranberries or anything else that is locally grown.

 Tieing a large knot at the end I usually start with a small handful of bay leaves and run the needle through it.  Then I will add  two or three cranberries and go on till its finished.  Tie a large knot at the end or tie the two ends together.


I leave the swags up during the year the bay leaves will emit a fragrance long after they yellow.



I use bay leaves for many things.   Whenever I get a new rug I scatter them underneath it, they keep moths at bay.

I always have bay leaves in my flour to stop those flour moths.

And finally a story about my friend Lenny.  She passed away many years ago and all her spinning and weaving things came to me to disburse and sell.  I came across some single ply handspun just sitting in a box with bay leaves surrounding it.  She was so cute, she always marked everything, where it came from, when she spun it and what kind of sheep it was.  These skeins that I found were spun in 1949.  I am sure the bay leaves protected them from moths.


I decided to use this swag around the dining room light.  

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog..                               Carole



2 responses

6 12 2012
Kellie from Indiana

Very creative! How awesome that yarn is still as good as new 🙂

6 12 2012
Kellie from Indiana

How creative! The yarn find is treasure:)

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