4 12 2012


The weather is too warm with temps almost in the 60’s today.  It will be in the 40’s tonight and almost the same tomorrow.  My pussy willows are budding.  The same thing happened last winter too.  They budded at this time of year, but they were still beautiful in the spring.



This is my old sweater. I wear it all the time, it’s an old friend. It is close to 30 years old.  I thought it was older but did my calculations again.  I bought the wool from a farm during a shearing day.  Picked out the sheep and her name was Lydia.  She was beautiful.  I  spun all the wool and knit this sweater using the old Jackie Fee book for help.  When the sweater was finished I showed it to the farmer and she said oh too bad I didn’t realize the wool was so nice and Lydia went to market.  That made me feel so sad.  That is one of the reasons I decided to get a few sheep.

I just recently came across an article about a group of women getting out the information that local yarns and handspun yarns last a lot longer than commercial yarns.  This seems to be true.  I see people at sheep and wool festivals with the same sweaters on from year to year.  

Of course good care at the end of the winter seasons will keep a sweater in good shape.  All my sweaters are hand washed  and stored with some essential oils and this one had pennyroyal and mint in the box.  It smells wonderful and the pennyroyal keeps the moths away and the mint keeps the mice away.





1 pineapple

whole cloves


Using the pineapple itself as the pattern poke the cloves into the grid-work.  You will need to get them as close as you can.  When it’s all done roll the pineapple in cinnamon and either hang it to dry or place it in a platter with greens.  I have never done this but I  do the same with  oranges  every year.  They last for years and I hope the pineapple does too.







I tried several things to make the holes although most time the clove will go in, but a large metal sewing needle does the trick.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful evening.     Happy Pomander making.         Carole



One response

5 12 2012

It was cold here..damp and dreary, though the weather people talked about warm weather..I guess you got it. Love your sweater. I have a few that old as well…and they just get better with age. I am impressed that you spun the wool before knitting…now you even raise the sheep….how wonderful. The pineapple idea looks interesting, I may try it. Thanks for the idea. Patti

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