3 12 2012


I love when the fog rolls through the back woods.  Today was more like a spring day.  A day where people would be sugaring instead of looking towards the beginning of winter.  








On the news last night they were talking about this being the warmest year ever recorded.    I do hope we return to normal winters.  I remember winters where when driving on the Maine Turnpike  the snow banking was so high you couldn’t see the oncoming traffic.  And winters when I was a child were always full of snow and cold.  I would build an igloo at the end of our driveway and it would stay till March.   We never knew if the people marching in the  annual Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day parade would be marching in a snow storm.   We would enjoy sugar on snow at my cousin Ernest Dodge’s place in Chesterfield because there was fresh snow in Chesterfield till April.  The family went up and helped him sugar every year.  In March there was still a couple of feet of snow in the woods.  He sugared with his team of horses.  


This spindle was my birthday present from the Monday Spinning Group,  along with a huge bag of all different kinds of roving.  I was given a gift certificate and I picked out the laser carved Celtic Sheep pattern.  








The Spindle is made by Golding Precision Fiber Tools of Saxtons River, Vermont.  They are a  piece of art.  Its weighted just right and it has a grooved piece which makes twirling it so much easier.  I really do like the way it spins and plan to take it to Ireland in March.  The have included some glitzy roving along with it.








The bag of  roving is just what I needed.  I have several patterns for fingerless gloves which use small amounts of yarn, these will be perfect for that.

Still working on the Santa hooked piece, it should be finished soon.

I am making Whoopie Pies tonight as the Monday Spinners will be here tomorrow  and  I will have the recipe and pictures on tomorrows blog.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.          Carole










2 responses

3 12 2012
Mary Jane

The carved design on that spindle is beautiful! It’s always great to have lovely tools.

3 12 2012

Love that drop spindle! What a nice gift!

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