2 12 2012


Oatmeal for the Winter.



I ordered the Oatmeal for the chickens and myself before I left for Florida from Greenfield’s Market, yesterday I picked it up and today I put it away.  I have this wonderful metal storage container in the kitchen and 50 pounds just fits in it.  There is no cover but I found a tray that just fits  the top.  I am storing a few pumpkins on top along with one of the gourds.

I usually go through 100 pounds during the winter.



The Bottleneck Gourds are drying out nicely.  The first year that I grew them I threw them away at this stage, they look like they are molding but instead its their way of drying.  The top of this one is completely dry and the bottom part is on its way.  The birds will have some new nesting places this spring.







I finished the large sheep on the Santa hooked piece.   It was done with several yarns.  The outline was handspun wool taken from fences and walkways in Ireland.  Cindy and I often walk through old castles and such and I do bring my drop spindle on every trip.    The other yarn is mill spun from my first sheep, the Targhee’s.  I try to put some special meaning in every hooked piece.  The Santa’s beard is from the two new sheep Maude and CK.  I had bought some of their fleece this spring.









Elliott is enjoying his carrots tonight.


Today started off very cold and snowy.  The roads were dangerous, then it warmed up some.  But it was snowy off and on all day.  Tonight again there is much black ice and many accidents.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole






















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