30 11 2012



Today I talked with the Hospice nurse.  As I was talking with her I was thinking about an article I read while taking care of my Dad who had dementia.  It was called THE LONG GOOD BYE.   It’s hard to understand unless you have a family member or friend with dementia but as they lose  bits and pieces you have to say good-bye to that, it does happen many times.  My Mom is changing and I can see the changes in every visit.  Even when I return in a little over 3 weeks she will have changed again.  The hospice team already have taken such good care of her and are noting things that need to happen.  I feel  a sense of security with them watching over her.









No I probably don’t need another project, but I do want to have a Christmas piece in my little hallway.  I will finish this in no time, its fun and whimsical.  I have needle felted the beard on and his rosy cheeks.  I haven’d decided a color for the background.  I thought about a navy blue.










I bought this book by Donald Grant in 1995 at a small book store in West Cork.  I have read this book every year since then.  It’s a timeless book about a couple who moved from New York City to Dooneen, West Cork .  The book is about their lives in Ireland.  Their neighbors and people they met.  They toil the soil and learn the ways of their countrymen in tilling and planting the soil.  You can still get this book on Amazon

Many thanks for reading my blog today and hope you have a wonderful day.            Carole



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30 11 2012
Francine Keating

Love the Santa with the sheep! Navy or midnight blue background sounds like a perfect choice background color with the star.

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