30 11 2012


Burr its cold tonight. Its suppose to get down in the low 20’s and here in the Berkshires we are supposed to get a little snow overnight.  Tomorrow or Sunday I am going to have to get some heat tape for the small hose I got upstairs.  Sunday its suppose to be in the 50’s so I can take the summer hose into the cellar.

Santa Hooked Piece.


I though I had blue and just didn’t find it so I am using these purple-blues for the background.  I did find blue after I got some done but I do like those colors.  I will work on this tonight.  I want to make the eyes a little smaller too.




I  had a talk with Sally tonight.  She is very heavy.  If she doesn’t lose some weight her life will be shortened.   Sally takes after Wilbur who is her great-grandfather.    Her sister Lucy must take after her great-grandmother as she is not as heavy.    She doesn’t get any grain just some carrots and hay.  Go figure.    Sadie is eating well after a few days of only eating half her food.  She wants to eat more hay so I am getting some bales of the good stuff out of my son’s barn. Maude wants more carrots.  She is cute.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole

Please may I have more carrots said Maude

Please may I have more carrots said Maude



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