24 11 2012


Its was  my son’s birthday on Thursday.  He got a special present from a lady at his workplace.  She had come here during the Crafts of Colrain and bought a skein of Wilbur’s yarn.







She made this beautiful sheep for him out of Wilbur’s yarn.  Knitting it and then felting it.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  My son was very touched by this special present.  Wilbur passed away last spring, he was very fond of my son.  We all miss him.








In the small, sunny south-east bedroom is a cupboard which I use for storage.  I have my seeds  in there and gifts that I have bought for people through-out the year.  I was going to put some candles in there.  I was shocked all the seeds that were stored in plastic bags were gone.  These were all heirloom seeds which I planned to grown in 2013.  Quite an array of seeds from worty pumpkins to several kinds of my favorite scarlet runner beans.  They were a tasty treat for those little mice.     They dug up my plants too I guess they are hiding some of the seed in the plants.  I have just ordered a new catalog from Baker Seed Company, my favorite place to buy heirloom seeds.  It will be at my door sometime in December.

I certainly will store the seeds in a tins from now on.








Pointsetta’s are out at Walmart and Christmas Tree vendors are everywhere.  People are buying trees too.

My Mother was very surprised to see us.  We are taking her out to eat on  Sunday.  She is a little frailer than I saw her last.  Hospice is helping with her care now which is so good.  She will be watched constantly for any changes.

We have a busy day tomorrow with visits to farmers markets.  More from Florida Tomorrow.  Thanks you so much for reading my blog, hope your day is wonderful.






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25 11 2012
Kellie from Indiana

How sweet of her to make your son’s gift out of Wilburs yarn! Very thoughtful. Gifts like that have meaning. I would love to have yarn like that! Too bad about your seeds. Those critters can be destructive. My mom when in Kentucky would leave trays of decon under the house and in the cabinets under her sinks and theyd be empty in a matter of days. Glad you are able to be with your mom for the holiday and get to enjoy milder weather for a while. Enjoy the markets!

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