21 11 2012


last night while reading Sheepish I was quite surprised.  I read that Tom and Kate Chappell of Tom’s Toothpaste fame started a woolen underwear business in Maine.  The company is very green.  When I lived in Maine I often visited Tom’s seconds store in Kennebunk where one could buy their toothpaste and other things at reduced prices.

 I have learned so much from that book, not only about sheep farming but about clothing, recycling sweaters and more.  I am going to get the two books recommended on recycling woolen things on Amazon and hope to start making things from them after the first of the year.  The best thing the book shared was that sheep are good for this planet and its up to us people to watch what we buy and eat, and that having fun can be just sitting with some sheep.  Animals do have a lot to teach us.


Life is Good







I found Shorty on the radiator bed that I bought in Ireland many years ago.  Each trip I look for another one but have never found one.  This March I will be near Tralee and that is where I got it so I hope to get back to the same Pet Store and find another one. When I had more cats there would be a line waiting to get into the bed, sometimes they would go and sit on the cat in the bed till that cat got uncomfortable and left.  What a great spot to be on a cold winters night when the heat was coming up.  Shorty is one special cat and is slowly gaining the number one position in the house.


I am happy to say that all the chickens have done well with the changes.  Little Amelia will be all feathered out within a couple of weeks.  She seems happy with her new friends.







The picture is of Murphy with some of his lady friends.


Two new projects to take to Florida.  I am making another hat and will take that along with a  scarf I just started  with the feather and fan pattern.  I bought the mohair yarn in a small shop in Doolin , County Claire, Ireland last fall.  I rather like doing very simple knitting patterns this is a bit more complicated.  I am determined to finish it 

Many thanks for taking the time to read my  blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.







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