19 11 2012


I wanted to show you one of my beginning hooking projects.  I bought the kit from Lisa Merian  of Spinners Hill Shop at the Cummington Sheep Show many, many years ago . She and her Mother were very patient with me.  I did some hooking on it and put it away.  I wasn’t sure that hooking was for me.    Then I picked it up again and found my own style which is a lot like Deanne Fitzpatrick’s.  Meeting her and taking a class from her just enforced my hooking style.  This chair seat is used every day.  I love the pattern.






I did fill the chair seat with lavender.  I love filling my hooked pieces with lavender and bay leaves to keep them smelling nice and also to have them somewhat resistant to moths.








At the Crafts of Colrain a couple stopped by the house and was glad to see me,  they have been trying to find me to buy another eye pillow.  I did the Crafts 3 years ago and then had my knee surgery right after that so this was my first year back.  I was delighted at their interest.  So today I dyed the silk purple and tomorrow I will make the pillow and call them.

Silk dyes easily and I love the way it took the dye leaving variegated colors of purple.  Tomorrow I will only make the one but when I get back from Florida I will make many more for next years shows. 


I am taking two books to Florida with me .  One that I started to read some time ago and put it down.  Growing a Farmer by Kurt Timmermeister.  This book is about Kurt who was a successful restauranteur who wanted to learn  more about the food he served and bought a small farm on Vashon Island outside of Seattle.  I have read half of the book and plan to finish it on the trip.    The other book is by Ann Cleeves.  called White Nights  It’s the second in a series of thrillers about the Shetland Isles.  I loved her first book so I can’t wait to read this one.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.

 When I feed my sheep at night I always go out in the pasture and gaze at the moon and stars.  Its really dark back there and the stars and moon against the mountains are beautiful every night.  Tonight as I gaze I will make a wish that the children of Gaza will be safe tonight.  My fellow blogger Collette  from Ireland did this last night and I am following her lead.







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20 11 2012
Kellie from Indiana

Your seat cushion is beautiful! Love the design and colors!

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