18 11 2012


Today I went to knitting group, there were  few of us there this week.  It’s nice to have the opportunity to meet on a Saturday.  Pine Hill Orchards offers us part of their dining room every Saturday afternoon from noon till closing at 3pm.   From new knitters to the very advanced we all help each other.  There are more knitting groups at our local knitting store, Metaphor Yarns too.  


I belong to the River Valley Food Co-op.  I shop there when I am in Northampton.  If you ask the produce department they will give you chicken scraps.  My chickens will have some delightful treats for the next few days.


My girls moulted very late this year and some are still moulting.  Through the online chicken group I belong to it seems this is a trend this year.   It must be the weather patterns.  Now that they are coming back into laying they are laying these funny eggs.  Some are cigar-shaped, some have a point at one end.    My eggs are not the perfect eggs that you get at the store they are better.


The hat I am making is from a pattern from PEACE FLEECE           in Maine.  I have made this hat three or four times and have enjoyed wearing it.  I love the ear flaps it sure will keep my ears warm when I am sitting with Sadie twice a day.  I am making it out of Wilbur yarn and some Targhee yarn that I had spun at a mill many years ago.  My first sheep were Targhee’s.  I loved them and they were beautiful sheep but more suited to Wyoming’s drier climate.  Both these yarns are soft.  I should have the hat done by tomorrow so I will include a finished picture.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, hope you have a wonderful day.




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