30 11 2012


Burr its cold tonight. Its suppose to get down in the low 20’s and here in the Berkshires we are supposed to get a little snow overnight.  Tomorrow or Sunday I am going to have to get some heat tape for the small hose I got upstairs.  Sunday its suppose to be in the 50’s so I can take the summer hose into the cellar.

Santa Hooked Piece.


I though I had blue and just didn’t find it so I am using these purple-blues for the background.  I did find blue after I got some done but I do like those colors.  I will work on this tonight.  I want to make the eyes a little smaller too.




I  had a talk with Sally tonight.  She is very heavy.  If she doesn’t lose some weight her life will be shortened.   Sally takes after Wilbur who is her great-grandfather.    Her sister Lucy must take after her great-grandmother as she is not as heavy.    She doesn’t get any grain just some carrots and hay.  Go figure.    Sadie is eating well after a few days of only eating half her food.  She wants to eat more hay so I am getting some bales of the good stuff out of my son’s barn. Maude wants more carrots.  She is cute.

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Please may I have more carrots said Maude

Please may I have more carrots said Maude


30 11 2012



Today I talked with the Hospice nurse.  As I was talking with her I was thinking about an article I read while taking care of my Dad who had dementia.  It was called THE LONG GOOD BYE.   It’s hard to understand unless you have a family member or friend with dementia but as they lose  bits and pieces you have to say good-bye to that, it does happen many times.  My Mom is changing and I can see the changes in every visit.  Even when I return in a little over 3 weeks she will have changed again.  The hospice team already have taken such good care of her and are noting things that need to happen.  I feel  a sense of security with them watching over her.









No I probably don’t need another project, but I do want to have a Christmas piece in my little hallway.  I will finish this in no time, its fun and whimsical.  I have needle felted the beard on and his rosy cheeks.  I haven’d decided a color for the background.  I thought about a navy blue.










I bought this book by Donald Grant in 1995 at a small book store in West Cork.  I have read this book every year since then.  It’s a timeless book about a couple who moved from New York City to Dooneen, West Cork .  The book is about their lives in Ireland.  Their neighbors and people they met.  They toil the soil and learn the ways of their countrymen in tilling and planting the soil.  You can still get this book on Amazon

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28 11 2012


We didn’t get any snow to speak of although for a while it looked like it was going to add up.


I felt like making some bread today.  This is my favorite bread recipe .  I made a Poppy Seed Braid and a Cinnamon Raisin  Bread.  Both came out good.







Shorty went to the vets today.  He will have to go back at a later date for a dental cleaning but otherwise he is in good shape for 15  He was very upset at going but loved the treats he got when his check-up and shots were done.  He needs to rest on his favorite pillow for the rest of the day.  Traveling is so tiring!!


This is a picture of the carpeting at the hotel.  It would make a wonderful abstract hooked rug.




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27 11 2012


FEEDING THE BIRDS                                                           

We are expecting a little snow today so I made sure the bird feeders are full. There are many sparrows which live and nest of the farm, Juncos’ , Chickadee’s, Blue Jay’s and a pair of Cardinals.  Sometimes during the winter I will see Finches and Grosbeak’s.   These birds earn their winter keep.  I rarely have mosquitos in the summer.

About 6 or 7 years ago I planted a Christmas type tree and some Holly near the feeders.  Its has been a successful planting as it gives the birds protection from the few cats which roam the neighborhood , shelter from storms and a safe place to eat their seeds.






As you can see in the picture Amelia’s feathers have really come out.  I finally found the right group of chickens for her.   She is happier now .  You can still see the purple of the Blue-Kote which I kept spraying on to protect  her.

The rest of the hens have now returned to laying.  Yesterday I got  5 eggs.  



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26 11 2012


Yesterday was our last day in the New Smyrna area.  We decided to spend a little time at the beach.  They have been having heavy seas for the past few days and there were a number of surfers out.  The weather has been on the cool side since we arrived.


We decided to see if we could find a restaurant in Orlando to have  a lunch/supper.  I have only been at the train station in Orlando and was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the city.  It’s much larger than I expected full of trees and flowers and lakes.  Cindy had booked a room at the Hyatt at the airport, our flight leaves very early.  So off we go.


This is the view of the airport from our balcony.  The tree was beautiful.











The hotel was  beautiful.  We had an early flight and we would have had to leave Edgewater around 3 am to get to the airport and return the car and check in.   None of that rushing around.  The hotel had a wonderful heated outside pool on our floor.  It was surrounded with tropical plantings.  We did go swimming even though the night air was chilly.  Planes were taking off in the distance.  It was a very nice experience.

My trips to Florida are huge changes in lifestyle for me.  My usual life is quiet, rarely eating  out, spending most of my days at home.  In Florida I am on the go all the time.  Besides visiting my Mom up to three times a day at the assisted living I also have to pick up any items which she needs. etc.  Its like I am living in two worlds.  I consider myself lucky to be able to do this.  It certainly makes me appreciate home.  

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.  Carole




25 11 2012


Several years ago I heard about a book by Joe Hutto called My Life as a Turkey.   I remember reading a great review of this book so I ordered it.  When I got it I could’t put it down.  It’s a great book about a man who found a pan full of turkey eggs on his doorstep and he had wanted to do research on turkys and decided that this was it.  There was no turning back for him .  Through my friend Deb I learned about the show on PBS called My Life as a Turkey .  I had lent Deb the book and she had enjoyed it as much as I did.  If you google My Life as a Turkey you will be able to watch it.   It’s really wonderful to hear in his own words the story.  Please don’t miss this wonderful  show.  Joe is now in Wyoming living with Mule Deer.  












Today there was a Christmas Bazar on the Main Street in New Smyrna .  We decided  to visit it and the Farmers Market which was several streets over.  Right in downtown was this lovely antique shop with shrubs, trees and flowers all over the yard.  Little windy paths.  It had its privacy but was very inviting at the same time.  The shop was closed, I would have loved to visit  it and the yard.  It just proves that you can turn a very public yard into an oasis.









A local florest decorated this tree.



Mom is more alert today.  She got her new wheelchair which is better suited for her.  She will soon have a new hospital bed which she won’t be able to try to get out of.  Tormorrow we leave Edgewater and return to Orlando.  We will be staying at the airport hotel because we have a very early flight.  I hope to be back here for Christmas.  We wanted to take my Mom out for supper tonight but she must have heard they were having a spaghetti dinner and declined our invitation.


The farmers market didn’t have as many vendors as in the summer, but the spinners were there and it was nice.  









Cindy and I stopped at Loveland Groves.  She needed to send some oranges and I wanted to get some to bring home.  I have been buying oranges from them since the mid 80’s.  You are never disappointed when you buy from there.  This year the oranges are exceptionally sweet.  Now they make their own orange juice.  It was so good.

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24 11 2012


Its was  my son’s birthday on Thursday.  He got a special present from a lady at his workplace.  She had come here during the Crafts of Colrain and bought a skein of Wilbur’s yarn.







She made this beautiful sheep for him out of Wilbur’s yarn.  Knitting it and then felting it.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  My son was very touched by this special present.  Wilbur passed away last spring, he was very fond of my son.  We all miss him.








In the small, sunny south-east bedroom is a cupboard which I use for storage.  I have my seeds  in there and gifts that I have bought for people through-out the year.  I was going to put some candles in there.  I was shocked all the seeds that were stored in plastic bags were gone.  These were all heirloom seeds which I planned to grown in 2013.  Quite an array of seeds from worty pumpkins to several kinds of my favorite scarlet runner beans.  They were a tasty treat for those little mice.     They dug up my plants too I guess they are hiding some of the seed in the plants.  I have just ordered a new catalog from Baker Seed Company, my favorite place to buy heirloom seeds.  It will be at my door sometime in December.

I certainly will store the seeds in a tins from now on.








Pointsetta’s are out at Walmart and Christmas Tree vendors are everywhere.  People are buying trees too.

My Mother was very surprised to see us.  We are taking her out to eat on  Sunday.  She is a little frailer than I saw her last.  Hospice is helping with her care now which is so good.  She will be watched constantly for any changes.

We have a busy day tomorrow with visits to farmers markets.  More from Florida Tomorrow.  Thanks you so much for reading my blog, hope your day is wonderful.