31 10 2012



We were extremely lucky here, although some people in Colrain were out of power for 6 or so hours and lost a few shingles on their roof.  Even in Wayland the town my oldest daughter lives in they lost power and had many trees uprooted.  The water in the river is up and the canal near my house is full .  We are still cleaning up here from Irene.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those people who have suffered  such huge losses.


Here are some tips for hooking your favorite pet.    When I was doing the Seamus rug I just couldn’t get it to look like him.  I decided to take a picture of him  and blow it up and print it, not in color but black and white.  It amazed me how much detail came out.  And the rug looks like him.  Most of the yarns in the rug are handspun of his beautiful wool and the wool on him was his too.  He was a great sheep and I sure do miss him.

The second rug is a work in progress and is of Sadie.  I drew it so that I could demonstrate hooking with fibers at the July’s hook-in.


Right now I have three books going, two were  birthday presents and Sheepish I ordered on Amazon.

For Lovers of GOD Everywhere by Roger Housden.  You might think that this book is only for people deeply religious.  You would be wrong.  It is full of meaningful poems about life itself.  From T.S. Elliot to Saint Catherine of Sienna.  I am going to read a little from this book everyday for inspiration.  My friend Danielle gave this book to me after I admired it at her office.  

I haven’t started Sheepish by Catherine Friend yet but I am sure it will be amusing.  Its says on the cover, Two Woman, Fifty Sheep and Enough Wool to Save the Planet.

 Hooked Rugs of the Deep SOUTH by Jessie A. Turbayne  was given to me by my friend Deb.  I am enthralled by this book.  It is done by states and will take me quite some time to go through the whole book.  I am still working on Alabama.  Each hooked piece has a little history about it, techniques, colors etc.  Some people made many rugs and some made just a few.  They are all different.  The book is filled with stories about people’s lives, their work, their families and pets.  It’s a perfect book.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.  Just as I am getting ready to publish this  my son calls with a skunk sighting.  He was heading up my hill towards the barn and into my neighbor’s yard.  He is huge and the air was tinged with his aroma!!!!!!!




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