26 10 2012



Hurricane Sandy is heading our way and a storm from Canada is heading our way.  Officials are saying that this storm will be worse than Irene, with high winds and heavy rain or snows.  No one knows for sure.  I was thinking at least we have some sort of warning and can get prepared. A hundred years ago people had no knowledge of a terrible storm coming .  We are in a way very lucky to have the warning.  Now I am sorry that I didn’t get the battery back-up for the pellet stove.  I do think that I should do that before winter snows come.  We have been very lucky in my neighborhood and have had little time without power, while other areas of town are without it for weeks.  I will be very busy in the next few days battening down the hatches, getting the white-wash done and moving the chickens back to the barn.










Barbara Goodchild brought the 2 gals today.  A Mother and daughter.  They are very well-behaved and walked up to the pasture area with halters.  The other sheep came out of the barn to see what was happening.  They have never seen white sheep before.  It will take about a week for them to get adjusted, today will be the worst day for the new gals getting used to new sheep and surroundings.  Of course Elliott was quite shocked, oh no more sheep.  He will adjust too.    Barbara is saying goodby to the girls.  They are pure Romney’s.









The new sheep are named Maude (the mom) and CK (for her daughter)








WHile I was waiting for Barbara I was doing  a little cleaning up near the north chickens.    The morning-glory vines were so heavy that they had knocked the Herb Bed over.  I noticed hundreds of seed pods on them.  I picked some off and will let them dry naturally and start them early in the spring next year.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.





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27 10 2012

They are BEAUTIFUL! What do Marley and Sadie think? I forgot your other sheep’s name. Is it easy to introduce new ewes to a flock? At least they have each other…always easier to go new places with a friend..better yet with your Mom! Elliot will have more charges now. He will pretend otherwise, but he will like it. Can’t wait to meet them. Patti

5 06 2014
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5 06 2014

I really don’t know how my blog got on Yahoo News but it goes out on facebook. It takes a little time to get followers and they take the blog to places you would never expect it to go. Its been so interesting doing the blog, its changed my life in a lot of ways and I have met some many nice people. Thank you for the kind comments.

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