18 10 2012








Before I worked full-time I dried herbs and made all kinds of teas.  I am getting back to that now.  Of course I have to buy Lyons tea and bring back lots of it when I am in Ireland.  There is nothing like a cup of good Irish tea no matter which brand it is.  I have finished drying the spearmint and today I am putting it into tea bags.  The tea bags are very inexpensive and sure do make nice gifts.  They require an iron so I plan to also catch up on the little ironing I have to do too.


Today I spent most of the day plying yarn.  This is a small dent in the supply of spun yarn that I have.  Now I have to wind it and weight it.  Tomorrow Most of the day will be getting stuff packed up and ready to put in my car on Friday.  It’s a beautiful ride to Rhinebeck and I hope to get there mid afternoon to set up with my friend Susan.  If you are coming to the show look me up I will be with Susan Bates at her booth Sheep Frills.






We are going to have another cool night and the pellet stove in on and heating up the downstairs.    I talked with my friend Louise from Montreal tonight.  She is working on some fantastic hooked rugs.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day






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