16 10 2012


The pumpkins and Sunflowers are done and ready to be priced and packed.    I hope they all sell but if the angry pumpkin doesn’t sell I won’t be sad.  I do think he is funny.


This hat is almost 40 years old.  It was made of my first spinning yarn.  Very thick and thin yarn.  I took my spinning classes from Webs Yarn store which is now in Northampton.  At that time they had a  store at the X in Springfield.  Deb Robson, the former editor of SPIN-OFF magazine  was my teacher.  We met 4 times and I rented a Ashford traditional wheel from Webs, later purchasing it.  Deb was an excellent teacher and shared freely all her knowledge about spinning.  It was a great time to learn to spin.  It was coming back into vogue.  Fleeces were hard to find so the Amherst Webs had a fleece sale every year.  There were small pockets of spinners all over Western Massachusetts.  My friend Debbie and I joined one called WOOLGATHERES.  It was a wonderful time————————–  And yes, I still wear the hat although its much thinner now.  


I was trying to take a picture of the hat and Willie got in the way.  He is named after my Dad.  Willie was a special name my Grandfather called my Dad.  An abandoned cat who showed up on my doorstep.  He is a joy and just loves attention.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you have a wonderful day.




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17 10 2012
Mary Jane

Good luck at the Show, Carole… the sunflowers look great!

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