13 10 2012



Reporting that the pumpkins for the chickens worked well.  They have eaten most of what is inside and are still at it.  This will be a good winter treat and it will last a while.  I have usually put a cabbage in each coop.  Chickens cooped up during the worst of winter get bored and this keeps them busy.  I made yogurt yesterday so this morning the chickens have their oatmeal.  It was a chilly morning and they enjoyed it.  They all seem to be moulting hence no eggs. funny time of year to do that, oh well.










I just love geraniums in the wintertime, these are on the east side of the house and should do well there.


I put in a wooden air vent with the help of my son in the east coop and cleaned it our totally today.  If I have the chance tomorrow I will whitewash it.  I would like to get them back in the barn before the end of the month and at least have it ready in case we have an early snow.


My son cleaned the pellet stove and its working well and the house is warming up and the cats are selecting their spaces near it.  The wood stove is cleaned and is ready for a cold day.  Almost 2 cords of wood are stored on the front porch.










Sam is my oldest cat, he is 17.  He went through a couple of years with health problems but now we have him on the right medication and he is doing well.

Tonight I am going to start hooking some sunflowers to sell at the New York Show next weekend.

Many thanks for reading my blog, hope you are having a wonderful day.






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15 10 2012

Cats invoke such a lovely energy to a home and reflect a compassionate and caring environment…beautiful!

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