12 10 2012




Just a couple of things about Florida.  We stayed in a hotel in Port Orange and in the parking lot near some shrubs were bowls.  We were wondering why they were there.  Yesterday morning we were getting in the car to go to the airport and there were some kitties heading towards the full bowls.  Some wonderful people in the area are taking good care of those little waifs.  I salute them.


My Mother’s surgeon and I were talking while she was working on Mom.  She had come up with a better idea to finish Moms surgery.  She said one of her instructors in med school told her “always make a plan but be willing to change the plan for a better outcome”  What good advise.  Sometimes we just can’t give up the plan even though we know that it isn’t the best way.  This is something I will remember.  At the end of the surgery she preformed Pranic Healing on my Moms wound.  I had never heard of this but it’s very interesting.  She said that the patients that she had done the healing on had better recovery, less pain and quick healing.  It’s very interesting and I am going to look into it.


The whole house smells of catnip drying.  Tonight we are supposed to get a hard frost so I picked the catnip, basil and spearmint.  I still have a few more herbs to pick.


I picked up the latest issue of Organic Gardening for the trip.  It was full of wonderful articles, but my favorite was preserving herbs.   I did basil today.  2 cups of washed basil to 1/2 cup of olive oil.  Process in a blender, (you could easily do this all by hand)  pulsing to make sure all the leaves are chopped.  Package in 1 quart ziplock bag and flatten the bag.   Freeze.  It’s good for 6 months. Add this to soups, sauces whatever, it will give you a fresh from the garden taste all winter long.   It was so easy to do that I plan to do it with other herbs next year, dill, parsley and oregano come to mind.  This will be entered into the Garden Book .

                                                                                                                      Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



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12 10 2012

Hi Carole, Glad you got home ok to tend to the garden herbs, and glad your Mom’s surgery went well. See you on the 31st at the Hook-In! MJ

12 10 2012

Love the basil idea. I made pesto with all my basil, but this would be easier and you could probably use it to make pesto later. Thanks for the tip. Maybe if we manage o get a wood stove and the house is warmer, I could even grow basil inside and have fresh basil. THAT would be nice!

13 10 2012

Fantastic info on saving and using Basil…I shall use that for sure!
I hope your dear mother recovers…I have heard good things about alternative healing techniques and am heartened to hear the surgeon talk about this info!

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