11 10 2012







While I was with my Mom during her surgery my cousin Gary walked around the town of New Smyrna.  He stumbled upon a museum that he thought I would be interested in.  We took Mom back to Fairgreen, had our lunch at The Patio and went to the museum.  This town of New Smyrna Beach was once noted for growing Indigo.

Dr. Andrew Turnbull a Scottish physician, arrived with 1255 other colonists in New Smyrna Beach in 1768.  They grew many things including Indigo and harvested Cochineal which produces a red dye.  Indigo was known as the King of Dyes and only grown on large plantations.  It brought in a huge price in the European markets.


They came up with a vat system to steep and ferment the plant.  According to the booklet “Archaeology of the New Smyrna Colony”.the dye smelled so bad that even the buzzards wouldn’t come near the vats.  When it was finished fermenting it was poured out of the vats and allowed to dry, then it was cut into blocks before sending it to England.


I grew Indigo back in the late 80’s.  ANd I do agree about it being smelly.  I had good luck with it but only grew a small amount.  I did buy some seeds at the museum and will try some next year.

This picture is of the vat system.  The following pictures are of some history and the blocks.


I forgot to mention that my chicken salad was full of white seedless grapes.  Who would have thought that would work, it was delicious.

I am back from Florida today, its hard to leave Mom but she is recovering from her surgery well.  I am glad to be back home and the cats were very glad to see me.

Hope you have a  wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.








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11 10 2012

Whenever I hear about indigo, not the plant, the color, it makes me smile. When I was teaching we had an acronym to remember the order of the of the colors of the rainbow. Roy G. Biv. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, “indigo” and violet. They had never heard of the color indigo and it made them giggle. I am sure they thought I just made it up. I should have thought to bring an indigo plant in to show them. Anyway, welcome home. Tall to you soon. Patti

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