3 10 2012


The other day I was reading a new poultry magazine I had recently  picked up and it showed hens eating pumpkins.  Not in the usual way.  They were huge pumpkins and square holes that were randomly cut about 4 inches by 4 inches .  The hens were all gathered around and poking their heads inside to get the pulp and seeds.  What a great idea, it keeps them busy and they are eating something very healthy.  I was able to buy two very large pumpkins at the Greenfield Farmers Co-op reasonably so tomorrow the hens will get a treat.


Another thing for the garden book, I definitely need to grow more pumpkins and squash next year and the bottleneck gourds will need to be planted on the front hill.  I got an e-mail yesterday that  the garlic I ordered is on its way.  Just in time too.  Now I have to decide just where to plant it.  I like to move it around so the soil can rejuvenate.  If you keep planting Garlic in the same place the bulbs get smaller and smaller with each passing year.


This is Morticia.  She perches as high as she can ever since something killed a new bantam hen last spring.  I believe she was a witness.

I didn’t use the light all last spring and I will have to put a perch up there and move the light .  She feels safe there. (It’s not plugged in)










The Pumpkin wall hanging

I never cut out the wall hanging today.  I needed some background wool and decided while I was out doing errands anyway I would stop by Wool and Dye Works and see what they had.  I picked up some pure black and some primitive black.  Both fabrics had to be washed and dried so tomorrow I will cut them out.  When looking in my stash I came across this cute pattern which I will cut out tomorrow too.  I hope to make 4 or 5 and take them to New York to see if they will sell.  I haven’t decided what price to put on them  as there will be a fair amount of hand sewing.   Pricing something that takes a lot of time is always a problem.  You just don’ t know what the market will bare.








Sadie enjoying her supper.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you have a good day.















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