1 10 2012


The weather is getting cooler and I am making another trip to FLorida over the weekend .  The week of any trip to FLorida is very busy.  With animal food to get, coops to clean, sheep’s pen to clean and the house to clean it takes a better part of the week.  Today I focused on the front hens and their coop and starting to get it winter ready.  This summer there were problems with a  racoon coming into the coop to get food.  Every evening it would tear off the screen and come in.  Before something terrible happened I bought a radiator cover and nailed it on the window.  Not very pretty and it did restrict some of the air but it worked.  I did a real good job at nailing it on as it took me 45 minutes to get it off.  


Just coming int the door after being chased around the yard






                                                                                                                 Mrs. Brown was my helper today.  She was talking the whole time I was in there.  She is ostracized by the flock and will have to get back in with them sooner or later but as of now she prefers to stay in and not have to deal with their chasing her and pecking her.  Morticia on the other hand is out and about and puts up with their behavior.  The two of them spent too many months sitting on eggs and not socializing with the rest of the flock and this is what happens.  Its like starting all over,











I put some gourds on the window box but next year the window box will have to come down and I will put it elsewhere.  It gave the raccoons a place to sit and work on the screen.  Too bad, as I loved having flowers there.  There is still much winterizing to do.  I will insulate all around the windows and then put clear plastic over it.  I have also been insulating the coop slowly.  Last year I did some and this year before it gets too cold I will do some more.  All things take time.  Some days I wonder where the day went and today it was 2-1/2 hours to clean the coops and put the window in.   More time spreading the shavings from the coop to the front hill.  I still have to clean the other coop and whitewash it but I think that won’t happen till I get back.

I did go to spinning group today and was able to do about an hour of knitting on my sweater.  All in all it was a great day.  Hope your day was great and thank you so much for reading my blog.





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