28 09 2012


Today I would like to tell you the story of Murphy, Hazel and Mrs. Brown.  The story is a little sad but has a happy ending.

Gertrude was one of my first hens.  She was A frizzle bantam.  She had a best friend named Emma who was one of the largest hens that I had.  Gertrude wanted to be a Mom from the moment I got her.  She will build elaborate nests each spring steal eggs from everyone and spread out her wings and sit. barely covering the eggs with her wings.  SHe wanted Emma with her.  Emma spent her days outside looking for bugs and worms.  Gertrude would go to the door and call for Emma.  You could see Emma saying Oh all right.  She would come in and sit a while with Gertrude, then when she thought it was safe she would sneak back out.  This would happen over and over each day till months went by and I moved her off the nest.  Every year this would happen.  One year I got some fertile eggs from my friend Lynn and Gertrude set on them.  Lo and behold one egg hatched.

They were so cute together.  I would watch her teaching him things.  I decided to name him Murphy as I didn’t know if he was a girl or fellow.  I would find out soon enough.

One day I came home from work and Gertrude had passed away.  What sadness but I really didn’t have time to mourn her as I had to do something about Little Murphy.  Her life was fulfilled, she accomplished what she wanted to do.  I will never forget her .  I got on the phone with John Peters alias THE CHICKEN MAN.  Well he had two Mile Flur Bantams and was almost sure they were hens.  I said I would be right down.  Into my world came Hazel and Mrs. Brown.  Two characters!

I gave them the Snuggle teddy bear and they slept near  or under it until they were much older.  It must have given them the comfort and feel of a Mom.

I kept them in a plastic bin in the kitchen.  The whitish one is Hazel and the multi-colored one is Mrs. Brown and Murphy is the dark one.  The picture below is Murphy in his almost teenage years.    Hazel turned out to be a rooster and one who protects his ladies at all cost.  Mrs. Brown also want to be a Mom and made many attempts at doing so and Murphy has turned into a big rooster.  He is so sweet.  He loves to be talked to and still remember what I used to say to him when he was a baby to calm down.  When I say the words he calms right down.  Chickens have their own world but there is love and sweetness in it along with the other stuff.  They have their friends and they have hens that they just can’t stand.  Animals and people are a lot alike

Many thanks for reading my blog, hope your day is wonderful

Carole and of course Murph



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28 09 2012

What a sweet story!

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