25 09 2012


I started the Wilbur handspun yarn sweater the other day.  I had thoughts of this sweater/jacket for some time.  It will be perfect to take to Ireland and it will be the only sweater I will take.  I really want to travel light even though it’s not in my nature to do so.

It will be an easy pattern because it’s just knitting.  I will dye some yarn for the collar and the front bands .  The colors that I have picked out are Turkey Red, Olive Drab, Mustard and I haven’t decided on the last color.  These dyes are Pro Chem which is a Massachusetts  company.  The pattern is called Adult Shepherds Jacket and Coat and is  a Peace Fleece pattern.

I tried knitting with the straight needles, but because of the arthritis in my fingers it became painful.  I went to my local yarn store METAPHOR YARNS located on route 2 in Shelburne  and got a size 6 circular needle and the sweater should go faster now.

Metaphor yarns offers many classes.  One is going on now which I wish I could have taken but an upcoming trip to Florida stopped me from doing so.  I hope they will run it again.    Its called WEE SCOTS FISHERMAN’S SWEATER.  YOu make this fisherman’s sweater in size two.    It’s a good way to practice the stitches and try a no seam sweater.  They also have drop in knitting one morning a week and an evening knitting circle.







This is the north side of my house.  I am hoping this fall to have it repaired.   The house was built in the 1880’s and is 2 feet thick of cement and rocks.  The rocks are in the center of the concrete.  The outside was never painted till I did it  the year after I moved in but I never painted the back as it need repair.   The house was neglected for many years.  Instead of replacing windows they put ones in that didn’t open and blocked up others.  I am hoping to have 6 windows replaced and how great that will be.  Now 4 of those windows don’t open and it creates a mold problem in the house.  I will have wonderful breezes when they are replaced.  The company who is planning to do it will fix all the cement and put railings on all the stairs and replace a chimney and the windows.  I hope that I can get this done this fall.  I would like to finish painting the house next year.                                                   Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog




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25 09 2012

That sweater pattern looks fabulous! Love the color choice too 🙂

28 09 2012

Carole, thanks for the plug for my sweater class. The one you posted above looks cute too! Nice to have an adult shepherd’s jacket! Here’s a link to the photo on Metaphor Yarns: . I’ll be glad to teach the class again – it’s 5 weeks long – let us know when you’d like to start!

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