Getting Willow ready for Winter-Bottle-Neck Gourds- Hens

24 09 2012


The bottle neck gourds are still coming along.  Today I found 6-7 smallish ones and this one huge one.  I plan to use the small ones in a garland.


My son and I have been trying to give Ernest fluids.  I tried with no success and so did my son.  So today I took him yet again to his vets, Brookside Animal Hospital and the gals there showed me an easy way to do it.  He is a laid back kitty and he was excellent .  They gave him some treats while it was happening and it only took a few minutes.  I actually put the needle in and now I think I can do it with ease to him and myself.   He is doing a little better, he was a very sick boy and his recovery will take a little time.  He does have kidney disease and most cats his age have it and still live long lives.


SURPRISE, I am getting at least one new sheep this fall.  I bought some beautiful wool in the early summer from Barbara Goodchild who raises beautiful sheep.  I needed white curly wool to supply CAMP WOOL in MAine and supply myself with wool for people to use in hooking and felting.  Clouds and Santa’s beards is what it’s mostly used for.  The two sheep she showed me were Mother and Daughter.    Two sheep would be all my barn could handle.  That would be 6 sheep in all and I have had 6 sheep and the llama in the barn.  The next thought would be the hay.  They are not out on pasture to speak of and would need hay all year round.  I will be picking one or two of them up after the New York show in October.  If I am able to purchase the property in back of me that would give me a opportunity to make some pasture for them and give me next years firewood.


Today I started weeding the willow I planted last spring.  I planted 32 twigs and it looks like they all took.  They need quite a bit of weeding their first year and I did mulch them and will again after it’s all complete.  The colors will range from greens to reds and oranges, purples and browns.  I am hoping to have enough to make a few baskets next year.  My plan is to incorporate baskets from the farm in my business.

The ladies are all hoping for some tidbit at the end of the day.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.





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