21 09 2012



I got my last issue of Martha Stewart Magazine in the mail yesterday and just had a chance to glance at it today.  There is a great article about a man in Maine who puts up wanted posters for old antique apple trees, he is trying to save the trees.   Check out the article I think you will enjoy  it.


This morning I was getting ready to feed the sheep and pack the car when I noticed some blood on the floor.  Upon investigating I found it came from Ernest Dodge.  I called my Vet but he was away so I called the Emergency Vet in Deerfield and they said bring him in right away.  So off we went.  He has kidney disease and something wrong with his eye.  He is on fluids and antibiotics and goes back to his vet a week from today.  He does have to see an eye doctor at the emergency vets this coming week.

So I am not doing the show in New York state this weekend.  Ernest need watching carefully.  In the meantime Susan who was doing the show with me had done something to her cornea and wouldn’t be able to go either.  It was not meant to be for either one of us.






Ernest eating and resting after his ordeal.  He has a way of wrapping people around his little paw,  Everyone loved him at the emergency vets.


Today because I had no plans except for the show I decided to do some things that I have wanted to do but  have been  too busy, like making bread.    Last week I bought a loaf of garlic/dill homemade white bread.  It was wonderful.  Then I wondered why I would pay $4.00 for that when I have a bread machine and all the ingredients and it would probably only cost me 50 cents for the loaf.

So today we will see and I will have pictures for you tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog




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21 09 2012

Poor Ernest Dodge. Thank goodness you noticed the blood and didn’t go off for the show. Hope he is ok. How did the bread come out? I used to have a bread machine but it died….maybe this winter I will try bread from scratch.
I would be interested in looking at your heirloom apple magazine…I think Collette is having an effect on us. I am thinking of planting some fruit trees as well. See you soon. Patti

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