20 09 2012


It was quite a chilly morning here.  We didn’t have a frost but the temps got quite close.  Being sheltered from the mountain in back of the house keeps  us from the first few area light frosts.  I made the girls their cool weather treat, oatmeal with yogurt and blueberries.  I have included several pictures of their enjoyment.








Amelia and Charlotte are shown below enjoying oatmeal for the first time.  Amelia still has no tail feathers, there are signs of feathers starting to grow.  The experts at Greenfield Farmers Co-op say that they may never grow back.  I will keep spraying  her with bluecote to keep the other hens from pecking her.  Next week I plan to open the gate between the two areas so they can become one group.  Hope it works out you just never know how things will go.


Fall colors are my favorites.  I will be using these fabrics throughout the year in hooking projects.









This is the llama roving that I dyed at the dye party.  I still have other colors that are drying.  It came out very nice and I do like the labels with Elliott’s picture on it.  Thanks to my friend Deb who suggested that I do this.  Otherwise the bags and bags of roving would still be sitting upstairs.  This will make a nice addition to someones hooked piece or something done in needle felting


Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading my blog.




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20 09 2012

I have been giving my girls oatmeal with blueberries as well. You mentioned it once before and gave me the idea. They were suspicious at first, but love it now. You add yogurt as well? Maybe I will try that once they start laying..if they ever do!
Love the colors of that roving. Stunning!

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