19 09 2012


My son lives next door to me and on his property he has 3 of the old type CHestnut Trees.  People come and ask for the nuts which we have given to them in the past.  This year we plan to collect the nuts and use them ourselves.  I plan to plant some of the nuts and hope to get some trees from them to share with friends.  In another month or so people will be roasting chestnuts and they are on many Thanksgiving tables.

Apple Trees for Next YearI got the latest issue of Heirloom Gardner a few days ago.  In looking through it I found a great article by Hazel Freeman about Antique Apples.  The article is loaded with lots of information. It describes many of the heirloom apples and how they taste and what they are good for.  It also gives us a list of places where we can purchase these apples.  I have wanted apples for many years now but  have had second thought because of the newer varieties require so much care.  The heirloom apples are tried and true.  Most have been growing for hundreds of years.  I have settle on Northern Spy and Golden Russet.  The spy will be good for pies and such and the russet will be good eating.   They are both good keepers.Heirloom Gardner magazine is a great magazine with many tips for people who prefer to grow heirlooms.

This was taken last night.  Sadie sure does enjoy eating her meals without the others.  She now loves outer cabbage leaves and likes them with every meal.  I spendthe time with her writing in my journal or reading.I am getting ready to do the NY show this coming weekend.  Getting ready for a show always stresses me out.  There are so many things that have to get done before I leave.  I am working on things for the show tonight and will do the same tomorrow.  I am looking forward seeing new places, seeing old friends and staying in a Benedictine monastery. I want to make a starter for sourdough bread, does anyone have a good  recipe for the  starter?  E-mail me a wspines@aol.com.Thanks so much for reading my blog and I hope you all have a wonderful day.



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