15 09 2012



      Today was day 2 if the dye party.      The weather was much cooler and there was a breeze.   I accomplished a lot today, in particular I was dyeing fabric to use as the back ground on my cats and pumpkin hooked piece.  Lynn took over  using  up dye on Elliott’s roving.  Between us both we got a lot done.    

These are the colors that I will be using.   THe color was drab olive and some blue came out  in wool dyed piece.  The mohair piece came out just perfect.  And the remaining dye that was in the dye bath came out blue as you can see.  I think it will all work together nicely.      

                                                                     The colors everyone got were all wonderful.  Neil and Jen’s children did a wonderful job dyeing


I have had this idea for the past two years.  I would like to add a temporary greenhouse in front of the

barn where the hens go out now.  It would be made of windows that I have been collecting.  I have

sent a e-mail to the local Poultry online to ask their advice.  I am not sure about ventilation and how

hot it would get inside in the winter time.  I think they would enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog







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17 09 2012
Dave Adams

Good Job ladies. Nice Fall Colors

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