14 09 2012


                                                                                      THE DYE PARTY      

Today was the dye party at Jen’s house.  Neil her husband , her children, Lynn and Cynthia amd Jem’s mother Jill and myself were in attendance.  It was  a perfect day for a dye party with a nice breeze.  Lynn and Cynthia were painting yarn while I was dyeing roving and Neil, Jen and Jill were dyeing fleeces.                                                                                                      

   I love Jen’s hen-house don’t you.  Check out the sign.








   The colors were all great.  I did dye some Border Leicester roving to make a neck warmer and fingerless mittens that I saw in an issue of SPIN OFF.  Tonight I am going through my stash of woolen material and plan to dye that and more roving tomorrow. I mostly dyed Elliott’s roving which I plan to crochet into some rugs.  I used  a lot of exhaust dye as I really don’t care what color the roving comes out.  Everyone will be back refreshed and ready to carry on again.

This is a great way to do dyeing, tables and dyes and stoves are set up and you get a lot done.  You can compare note and get some interesting colors from another dyer.  And the best thing of all is that in these two days I can get lots done.  WOOLGATHERES has been holding dye parties almost every year for more than 15 years.  

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.







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