8 09 2012


As I write this we are having  torrential rains and very bad thunderstorms.  I was up in the barn feeding the sheep when a loud clap of thunder came.  Sadie jumped and headed for the gate door.  She did settle down and ate all her supper.  The other sheep and LLama stayed away from the door.  I am welcoming the cooler weather.


  Yesterday I did some spot dyeing on creme colored wool.  I have this project to make a Halloween Wall Hanging,  It called for a stormy

looking moon.  I think this will do nicely.  It was fun and now I don’t know why I don’t do more dyeing like this.










I am not happy with the background color so I have been thinking of a more primitive color for it.  I am leaning towards an olive color, or primitive gold or maybe a primitive black.  I will check my stash to see what I have.








I took this picture last November, just a short distance from our cottage.    If you enlarge the picture you will see the Aran Isles.  It was taken near Doolin in County Claire.


Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for reading my blog.














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