4 09 2012


It has been drizzling all day here in the hills of Colrain.  We need the rain badly, the West Branch River is very low.  Tonight we are supposed to get some steady rain.


  The bottle nose gourds took over the garden.  They grew over the tomatoes, into the sheep yard and all around my dining room windows.  I didn’t think that I would get any gourds as all I could see was tiny ones.   And on top of it all the vines stink!!!!! David and I were cleaning out old rotten wood from the back hill and he found this one and today he found another one not quite as big.   The one we got yesterday must weigh 5 pounds.  It will make a great bird house.


ATTENTION  all people who are interested in being vendors and past vendors of the Old Fiber Twist which is now Farm to Fiber.  We are having an open house at The ROundhouse at the Fairgrounds in Greenfield this month on the 23rd from 1pm to 3 pm.  Come and check out this historic gem.


Last night I made more Herbal Salve.  I love making it and the smell lingers even today through the house.  I did a few small 1 ounce jars to see how they would do.  I think I now have enough for the fall and spring shows.





Sunday was a sad day on the farm.  My cat Hootie passed away.  She has crossed over the rainbow bridge and I will see her again.  We all miss her especially Oliver.

Hope your day is a happy one and many thanks for reading my blog.






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