30 08 2012


Well the chickens did fine last night.  Their first night in the caravan and only two were worried about going in.  Hester found the nest box right away and staked her claim to it. Helen is checking out the egg she just laid.  There were three eggs in the nest box.  So the move didn’t bother them too much. Marigold somehow got into Amelia and Charlotte’s area and couldn’t remember how to get out.  She sought refuge in their house which is a converted dog house.  I will get a picture of it.  It was reasonably priced and worked out so good.






Today I went to  a Christmas tree farm in GReenfield.  They also have a wonderful assortment of plants.   I picked up two perennial hibiscus.  I have planted one.  I do love them and had one when I lived in Holyoke some almost 40 years ago.  Each year it produces saucer size bright pink flowers.    I have been want to get them for some time but they are hard to find in this area.


Last night I trimmed around Marley’s neck, he appreciated it so much.  He can be so good he just stood there and let me do it.

I will try to get him all trimmed soon.  A little at a time.  The shearer and I have not been able to co-ordinate times.

I am off to rug hooking at the Bangs Center in Amherst.

Thanks for reading my blog.






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