25 08 2012


This is what I did with some of the Tansy.   I was given this broken picnic basket and it was headed for the dump.  It looks so much different with the tansy in it and I will put it in the dining

room when I finish painting the walls.  I kept all the leaves and stems and layed them on the bottom, they have such a wonderful smell and are hidden with the flowers.    A touch of fall.


Yesterday I did some hooking while at the river.  I have found some finer handspun wool yarn and am going to make a few pins.  I hope to finish this in a day or two.  The hardest part of these pumpkins is not the hooking but sewing on the backing and mixing herbs to put inside and the stem which needs to be glued on.              


Her is Amelia and Charlotte.  Both hens came from an organic farm replacing older hens with new ones.  They both came to me with  no feathers on their backsides.  Charlotte grew hers back but no such luck with Amelia.  I have used BLUECOTE on her every other day to prevent anymore pecking but nothing has seemed to work.  I now think she will never get those feathers back and I will have to be watchful of her.  It was a good lesson for me as I just thought everything Organic was good.  It’s not necessarily true.  Being organic means that you have to be vigilant of everything.   I try to be but am not always successful.  It does give one something to think about.


I have included a picture of my Scarlet Runner Beans.  I planted them to late and they are just starting to blossom.  If I am lucky I might have  some beans before frost.  I like to plant them near the outside coops.  They quickly grow over the top and provide shade and beauty in the summer months.




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