24 08 2012


Angus has found another great sleeping spot       

on the rug hooking frame!     Angus doesn’t like many other cats.  In fact he only likes Sam and Shorty.  He probably should have been an only cat.  He has learned to adjust and other cats have learned to stay out of his way. 








This is my grandson Ricky picking a handful of tansy.  The blossoms are just perfect now with a few pass their prime.

This scene in Franklin County is near where we pick  the Tansy.

This is a great swimming area on the Deerfield River there are actually some potholes here.  Ricky and I enjoyed a few hours here today.



Today a friend of my Moms passed away.  After my Mom moved to Florida we found we were kindred spirits.  We talked to each other every night for 4 years.  She taught me some valuable lessons.  One was to live your dreams.  She had so many dreams and things she wanted to do.  One shouldn’t wait on things.  You never know what is around the corner.  For her it was illness.  She lived vicariously  through me. I had the chickens she wanted and the strength to grow things, including Hubbard squash for her.  On my last visit with her 2 weeks ago I bought my computer and showed her pictures of my animals and the farm.  She enjoyed seeing them all.

Today I bid farewell to my friend, Carol.









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