20 08 2012


Today was a beautiful day not too hot and not too cold.  Tonight will be just right too. It was my grandson Rickys 14th birthday.  The chickens really enjoyed the day as I was cooking corn to freeze and they enjoyed all the cobs with some corn left on them.  The sheep had the silks and the greens from the corn, everyone is happy.


I am so happy how this rug is turning out and its so much fun to hook.  This cat is Shorty.  I may or may not spray his feet with tea after the rug is done, it’s too soon to tell now.  I am hoping to dye the background tomorrow.  I want to do it in purples but I only will dye a small piece to see if its right.  This is what I completed  at the Fair yesterday.  The two colors are perfect.  I bought them from Green Mountain Rugs.  I called her and told her that I was doing an orange cat and she sent me these colors.





Mrs. Brown and Morticia are still sitting and by my calculations within the next 4 days and egg or two should hatch.  I hope they won’t be disappointed.  They have tried several times this  year.

Hester is happy tonight and I added some more shavings so she is really comfortable.

The retired ladies getting settled in for the night.  The black hen, Sally is 11 years old.  Although she doesn’ t lay anymore she is very active and is out and about every day.

This is Murphy, he has settled in for the night.  He has a story which I will tell you about soon.


I am making Chopped SUey Pickles again.  I did buy some red peppers and thought for sure they were the sweet ones but now I know one of them was hot.  My son-in-law, Rick can’t wait to try them.





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