18 08 2012




  Her poems are about her life on the farm.  SHe and her husband, Ed own Tregelly Farms in Hawley, Ma.    THey have a wonderful assortment of animals, from Yaks and sheep to camels.    A wonderful place to visit, their farm is a piece of heaven.

The horse-drawn wagon ride is always a draw.  There were all sorts of animals, a chicken show and a rabbit show.  CHildrens games, lots of food, the Heath Library always has a tent full of wonderful books for a dollar or two.  Pony rides and a petting zoo.                  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these ducklings.  There were so cute.    No I am not getting any!   Ricky had a great time at the fair and enjoyed all the animals and games,


A group of us have been demonstrating at the fair for years.  It’s educational for the public and a great deal of fun.  Today there was 6 of us.  Ruth, Jill, myself, Cynthia, Lynn and Jane.  All sorts of fiber was being spun and I did some hooking on the pumpkin/cat piece.   The fair has been something for us all  to look forward too.  Some years there were  8-10 people doing fiber things.  Lynn and I did skirt one of my fleeces too.

Pattie and I meet today.  She follows my blog and we both follow the  blog Permaculture in Ireland.  I had bags of sheep poop mixed with hay for her.  SHe is gardening by the Ruth Stout method.  We chatted like old friends, it was so great to finally meet her.  We both buy pottery from the same potter in Corifin, COunty Claire, Ireland!!!!!!    We made plans to meet in September for a  learn to spin day.





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