13 08 2012



Today my grandson Ricky and I are heading to Florida.  I hope that this is the last time I have to go down there till the fall.  It’s hard to leave home at this time with so many things in the garden to take care of.  I am brining some socks or so you can see from the picture parts of socks.  I have this sock pattern that i bought at least 25 years ago.  I doctored it up and its worked for me and many other people.  What I learned is that when your beloved knitted socks get holes in the heels or toes you can cut them off right where the top ribbing ends and start again.  Most times you can have enough yarn from the hole part of the sock to finish it or you might have to add some different colored yarn.  This saves the time of knitting the first 8 inches and if you are like me some socks are just your favorites and you wear them all the time.

I have had these sock for at least 20 years.  I will pick up the 36 stitches  and maybe add to more rows of the ribbing and then continue on as the pattern instructs.  I have found with knitting socks that if you just do what the pattern says, no matter how ridicules it seems at the time it will come out fine.  If you’re interested in a copy of the pattern please e-mail me privately at

Finally the small tomatoes are ripening.  They are an heirloom variety and are very tasty.  I have planted 6 plants so I should have plenty ripe when we return.  The Brandywines are so huge and meaty but the drought cause them some damage.  I have a few that are ripe and today am going to take the skins off and chop them up and freeze them.


If you look at the chimney of the house just to the right of it is the willow that we are going to trim.  My friend Lynn wants to cut her

willow and make some baskets so I think that I will time the trimming of this pussywillow for the basket making event,  There will

be plenty of branches for everyone to share.  Ricky will love doing baskets too.  What fun.




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