11 08 2012


I have had this rug in my head for a long time.  Each trip to Chesterfield renews the idea.  So I want to get it down on paper before the summer is through.  I will definitely ask my good friend, Debbie for help on this.  SHe has been a wonderful hooker for years and had good insight and great ideas.

This is a picture of West Street in Chesterfield, Mass.  Some my Dads fondest memories of his childhood are on this hill.  He and his buddies would sled down this hill in the winter, seeing who could reach the top .   According to my Dad that never happened they would come close though.  My idea is to have him on the sled flying down the hill.    With a  snow  embankment in back of him and some tops of trees.  I want the person who looks at the rug to feel the speed.  SNow will be falling .  I do think that this rug will be the most difficult rug I will ever make but I am determined.


I am moving furniture around in my diningroom.  It’s a slow procedure.  After it’s all done I want to paint the room.  I am hoping to have windows that open installed in the room this fall.  What a concept windows that actually open.

When I bought this octagon house 14 years ago I would have never thought that it would take me all these years to actually get the windows.  It seemed just when I decided to get the windows something else would happen like the old stone wall which is holding back the mountain from the house buckling or last year it was a piece of sill rotten and part of the kitchen floor supports rotted.  I found that the people who owned the house for 20 years before I bought it just used anything they had around thus the windows that don’t open!  It will be a joy to have air flow freely through the house.  The worry of mold and humidity will be gone.


Today was the open house/barbecue at the Colrain Firestation.  This gives the residents a chance to meet the firemen, see the equipment and watch them in action.  They had a softball game, bucket brigade and other challenging events.  TOnight there will be a bonfire.  That is my son, David in front of the truck.  He became a fireman shortly after he moved here.  There is always a good turn out from the town.





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