10 08 2012


We are having thunderstorms and rain today and still have plenty of humidity.  Marley is wet again so no shearing  this weekend.

I picked some hops this morning, they are pulling the branches down of the tree in the front yard.  They are loaded with hops.  I have planted some near the side yarn chicken area this spring and they have taken root.  Next year I will limit the hops in the front yard.  I use these hops in my dream pillows.  They are a very helpful herb for sleeping.  Next year I hope to sell swags of the vines and hops at the local farmers market.  These are very popular in England and people usually hang them over their beds.


  I have finished one pumpkin and have another to hook.  I am hooking them with yarn.  I  am hoping to do at least 4 more for the New York Seep Fest.  They are fun to do and do up quickly.  The hard part is putting them together.  I sew a black wool backing on them and glue a real pumpkin stem to the top.  Adding fall herbs and spices to the inside before i glue the top together.  I add a wire for hanging.

I have include a picture of a finished one.


All the willow I planted this spring are doing well on the hill.  I planted 32 , they are many varieties and colors.  The growth is really good so next year I should be able to make some nice, colorful willow baskets and some willow



The dye party is being moved to a September date.  The heat and humidity would have made it unbearable.  I am glad for the later day as that will give me more time to find more things to dye.




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