9 08 2012


Cats and Pills

Well the cats and the cream cheese didn’t get on well so I am off to the vets this am to get the medication in liquid form.


For the past two days I have been going through yarn.  I have a 6 or 7 pound bag of yarn that needs to be plyed.  I hope to get it all done before September and sell it at the New York Sheep Festival.   I still have lots more tucked into bins upstairs which will be a project for next winter.

Mrs. Brown and Morticia are hanging in there.  Morticia is sitting on the banty eggs and screams if anyone gets close.








All things take time.  Its been two years since I noticed that the pussywillow bush had turned into a tree and needed trimming.  I was

working full-time  then and just trying to keep things going until I retired.  The animals were always my first concern and everything

else came after that.  Last year I did buy the saw on a long pole to do the job.  This year when my grandson Ricky comes we will get it done.  As you can see, its hanging over the porch roof and if you want to picky any pussywillows in the spring you have to stand on a ladder!!  I am going to make an arched trellis with the longer pieces. Trimming it back will help the peach tree which is nearby get the sunshine it needs


In the picture you can see the tips of two plastic bins.  I use these to grow potatoes.  I didn’t grow any this year but did last year.  I drilled holes in the bins even on the bottom.  A lot of potatoes can be grown in these which would ordinarily be thrown in the dump.  They are convient as they can be moved anywhere.  I am going to start putting some dirt in the bottom of these and others that I have in the barn and then add manure and let them sit over the winter.  Then add compost in the spring.  As the potatoes grow you just keep adding soil. At some point in time I would like to grow all of the potatoes that I use.


Today I was at the planning commette meeting for the Farm to Fiber Event which will be held next spring at the Fairgrounds in Greenfield,Ma.  Its going to be held at the Roundhouse which is an old round barn built with wood from the property.  Its a great site for a wool festival and we hope to include some animals too.  I will keep you posted on how its going and if you are interested in becoming a vendor please contact me.  We are planning to have an open house at the ROundhouse sometime in October for vendors.  We hope to have about 30 vendors selling everything from fleece to homemade soap.  There will be workshops on both days.  FOod will also be available.  April 20 and 21st are the dates so mark your calenders.

Happy Day To You









2 responses

10 08 2012
Patricia Smith

Carol, We found the capsules with the holes in them for the pills were perfect and worked every time. You put the pill in the hole and mash it closed. The cat has a treat !!! We originally found them in the supermarket here in Maine but then, more consistently, in the agri stores. Sorry, senior moment, can’t think of the name of the generic agriculture stores. Congrats on retiring and the blog. What fun. Patricia Smith

10 08 2012

Hi Pat,
So good to hear from you, could you send me your e-mail address-wspines@aol.com. I have been using the pill pockets and they are bored with them. Every day is an adventure in the pill giving business.. I love doing the blog and am getting used to being retired. ALthough many trips to Florida make me feel like I am working.

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