8 08 2012


Last night I went up to the garden to pick some veggies for a salad.  I am pleased with the garden this year.  I do have to pick the tomatoes before they are ripe otherwise someone else enjoys them.  I wonder what creature is enjoying them.  Well there is enough for all.  I have the basil in the dehydrator.  I am pleasantly suprised at the string beans, I am getting more than I thought I would.


I forgot that I had this bird bath, found it under the willow tree.  I have see frogs around the herb bed and hope they will enjoy this addition.  The dill is almost ready and everything is doing so well.  I will have to pick the basil tomorrow.



This afternoon I went blueberry picking in Chesterfield, Ma.  My 3rd or 4th cousins have a pick your own there. Roberts Family Farm is the name of it.  I usually go 3 or 4  times in the season.  It was quite hot this afternoon so I only picked 7-1/2 pounds.  I have a cookie sheet already in the freezer.  The hens and I will surely enjoy them in the winter.


I have watched series #5.  I ordered it a week or two ago and ended up watching more than the first half yesterday and finishing it up today.  I have to say that by far this is the funniest of the series.  I won’t spoil anything for you but you will certainly enjoy it.


Some notes about retirement.  Last March I was laid off and since I was 65 I decided to take my social security.  Its taken me more that a year to actually get into the retirement grove.  Well I still am not sure that I am totally in it!  Just today I had to get some thread to finish the pumpkin pillow.  I went to a shop on Route 2 called A Notion To Quilt.  Picked up a few things and saw that my friend Jane was in the knitting shop next door.  Normally I would have just popped in and said hi and left.  Everyone asked me to have a seat and since I didn’t really have to be anywhere  I stayed.  Enjoyed some good conversation saw Jane’s newest drop spindle.  Got some tips on giving cats pills (hide the pill in a cream cheese ball, I will let you know if this works) and heard about some new animals that came to a friends farm.   It is a new concept that I don’t have to rush here and there and its been very hard for me to get out of the habit of it.  I am learning though.

Good Day To You



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