6 08 2012

Good Morning



I have a couple of volunteer plants growing near the road.  As you can see this single corn is 10 feet tall and it has red tassels on it.  The picture is sort of hard to see, if you look close at the open space and go down you will see how tall it is and the tassels.

I do love volunteer plants as you just never know what it end up being.  I also have a pumpkin volunteer.  There are 4 pumpkins on this plant.

             I ran out of time to plant things on this small hill







Here is the pattern I am working on.  Its by Woolen Memories and is called Cats in the Pumpkin Patch.  I am ordering some off while wool fabric from Dorr today and some dyes from Pro Chem.  I plan to dye the background purple.  I can’t decide if I want really dark purple or a medium or a mix of both.  Any Suggestions?  The cats will be done  in colors of 3 of my cats.  Shorty a orange and cream cat, Sam a black and white tuxedo cat and Ernest Dodge a white cat.  I am so excited  about doing this rug.


This weekend is WOOLGATHERES annual dye party.  We have been doing this off an on for at least 20 years.  It last for days and all sorts of things are brought in to dye.  Whole fleeces, all kinds of fibers, basket materials, you name it we have dyed.  We have pots and stoves all over.  I am bringing my new ROCKET STOVE to try out.   I will have lots of pictures over the weekend

Good Day to you and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.



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