3 08 2012


Mordanting Wool

I am mordanting the wool with alum this morning.  It doesn’t take long to do and the dye flowers have been simmering for over an hour.  It’s a lot of wool for the dye bath so the color may come out light.  I took the plaid material out there was way too much in the dye bath.  The yarn took some color and the fabric took more.  I realize that when I do this again that I need a whole pot of flowers.    It’s an interesting color though I might add some onion skins to the rest of the dye to see what difference that makes.  More tomorrow on the dyeing saga


Mrs Brown is now sitting again.  Banty’s are noted for being broody.    She has 3 banty eggs and one large egg underneath her.  This afternoon I will mark the eggs and will take away any more than happens to get under her.  She is happy now and her friend another banty Morticia will help her sit and take care of the babies.  She had a baby last spring but something got into the hen-house and killed  it and another banty hen.  Something got into the hen-house last night so this morning I am heading to Home Depot to get something to place over the window screen.  I was thinking of the metal that they put in radiators.  I don’t think that it can be cut so I would have to put it on the outside of the window.

No rain yet, so far in my area we are lucky.  The corn is coming along good and plenty of vegetables.  I will buy a bushel of corn and freeze it as soon as I get the freezer cleaned.  I plan to do that this weekend.  Then a couple of boxes of tomatoes with what I am growing will make lots of  sauces or soup starters.  I also plan to fo blueberry picking next week.  I usually freeze around 60 pounds.  That should be enough for the hens and myself.  In the winter the hens get daily organic oatmeal with homemade yogurt with blueberries.  It’s a good addition to their diet and warms then up on cold mornings




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